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MuDeTo is a web editorial project, directly developed by a the non-profit association with the same name, including products that have been designed and produced in Tuscany. The Museum of Tuscan Design - MuDeTo is currently the only one project adopting a communication strategy and archive System aiming at: a) “acquiring” at least 8 products per year; b) publishing periodically papers from renowned design critics and researchers such as: Renato De Fusco, Alberto Bassi, Maria Cristina Tonelli and Maurizio Vitta.

For each “acquired” products, the association publishes on the web at least three sheets - product/author/company - developed by critics, experts and professionals in the field. In addition, the products description is contextualized through visual and textual contributions useful to
provide the essential tools to deepen products technical information.

The website is fully accessible via smartphone, tablet and computer, without any fìlter.
The museum idea has aroused the interest of many design players. The projects has been developed by the collaborative support of the different MuDeTo members, in particular by the founding members - Luigi Trenti, Gianfranco Gualtierotti and Umberto Rovelli. This synergic work allowed MuDeTo to portal to include more than 120 online tabs/profiles (the number is in progress) relating to: 45 products (or collections of objects), 50 designers (architects or creators) and 45 companies (producers or clients).
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