International Jury 2021 - Biennale


The International Jury, made up of prominent figures from the world of art and design, has always played a central role in the life of the Florence Biennale. Its task is to decide the awarding of the International Awards "Lorenzo il Magnifico" for art and "Leonardo da Vinci" for design, at its sole discretion, by evaluating the works exhibited by the participating artists and designers in the various categories. The President of the Florence Biennale appoints the members of the jury and may award one or more special mentions.

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Former Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo MAC-USP (2002-2005), she is now Coordinator of the Mario Schenberg Centre for Documentation of Research in Arts at the University of São Paulo. - São Paulo, Brazil
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Professor of Aesthetics and Art History at Fundação Sociology and Political Science, Course of Museology, City of São Paulo, Art Critic. - Paris / Sao Paulo, France / Brazil
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Founder of the Florence Biennale and creator of the "Lorenzo il Magnifico" International Award. Artist himself, he also holds the role of President of the Biennale and of the International Jury. - Florence, Italy
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Exhibition Designer and researcher. Member of the Editorial Board of Studies in Digital Heritage - Indiana University, Member of the Board of Directors of ADI, Association for Industrial Design and ADI President Delegation Tuscany. - Italy
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Artistic director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo  and professor at the Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts since 2016.  She is Artistic Director of the Inujima Art House Project since 2011. - Tokyo, Japan
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Former director of the Latin American Art Museum of Long Beach California, Art Critic, Curator and Expert in Latin American Art, he has curated more than a thousand conferences on Mexican art in Museums and Universities in the USA, Europe and Mexico. - Los Angeles, California
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Sculptor and painter, graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence in 1970. He sculpted the medal of the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award - Italy
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Fashion designer and costume designer of world-famous theater, she was "Lady Universe" and muse of the great Pop Artist Andy Warhol, Regina Schrecker boasts a successful international career and various artistic collaborations of the highest level, such as that with Arnaldo Pomodoro. - Italy/Germany
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Professor at the European Institute of Design, he has twenty years of experience as director of the design department in the textile company and in international joint ventures. She conducts research activities and coordinates the work of textile designers and artists on materials and techniques of yarns and technical fabrics. - Italy