Exorcisms and other supplications (2020)

film 4:25​​​​​​

An exorcism brings a young man face-to-face with a shadow self as his soul hangs in the balance.
The possession exhumes issues of selfhood and identity, exploring race and gender as a multidimensional universe. Reality explodes in a crisp white Le Corbusier utopia as he grapples with the paradoxes of faith.


“exorcisms and other supplications” occurs within the Patron Saint. universe, but imbued with new aesthetic challenges: positive space and the inequality that accompanies the historic concept of “utopia”.
Using Le Corbusier’s Radiant City as a microcosm for the inequality that accompanies utopian principles of design, the film places Jamall Osterholm’s garments as a futurist and ethnogothic answer to historically flawed elysian strategies.
“exorcisms” employs the backdrop of religiosity (possession and exorcism) to advance a conversation around race and gender. The design of the film mirrors that of Le Corbusier’s work within ecclesiastical space, specifically the Ronchamp Chapel. Mirroring a national conflation of secular and religious spaces and the racist and colonial underpinnings of Christian faith. systems, “exorcisms” is an aesthetic and experimental crisis of faith around national monolithic governing structures.

Georden West (pronouns: they, them) is a time-based artist. They approach material and sartorial culture as inherently queer, using media and installation to evolve visualization of erased LGBTQ+ histories as they relate to the symbolic dimension of social objects. Georden’s thesis premiered at Outfest and won gold in the Alternative/ Experimental category at the 2019 Student Academy Awards, qualifying for an Oscar for Live Action Short. Their films featuring the designs of JamallOsterholm have screened in museums and at festivals around the world. Georden was an Emerson Fellow, receiving their MFA from Emerson College where they taught cinematography in the Visual & Media Arts department from 2019-2021. Georden is a current fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center and is in post-production on their debut feature film with Artless Media and Starlight Entertainment. They are a member of the Star’s Collective and serve as director of BLAA (Boston LGBTQIA+ Artist Alliance).
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