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Climate change and femininity

Artiglieria, an NGO involved in the artistic, social and cultural areas and Change for Planet - Youth in action, an NGO of youth helping about the environment issues, take part in a project to realize an event about the Sustainable and Development Goals (2030 Agenda), that will be linked to an interactive artistic installation.

The co-creation of speeches about climate change and femininity combined with the realization of artistic works which transfer through different expressive methods and shapes a symbolic message, it becomes a modality to rethink sustanaibility through 360-degrees. The event includes a talk by Change For Planet about Sustainable and Development Goals n. 5 and n. 13 that will be combined with the artwork “La grande Madre” curated by Artiglieria which investigate, through a dystopic scenario, the extermination of Nature under the destructive pressure of metropolitan man, by promoting the active participation and awareness of the different arguments treats in the exhibition.
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