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Jacopo Celona

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He attended the University of Florence in ‘History and Management of Cultural Heritage’ and earned a Master’s degree in ‘Art and Culture: Marketing, Communication, and Fundraising Strategies’ at the 24 Ore Business School of Economics, and a Master's degree in graphic design specialist at the Istituto Volta.

In 2001 he joined the Florence Biennale organization as Head of Communication while in 2005, within the framework of the Vth edition of the biennial, he was appointed as International Relations Manager and became the person in charge of the strategic planning of the Florence Biennale.
In 2012 he was appointed Executive Director of the Florence Biennale. That same year he founded the LINEA Contemporary Arts Centre inside the premises of the Florence Biennale headquarters. He also entered partnerships and collaborations with organisations operating in the arts and cultural sector in Italy and abroad. His commitment to promoting artists participating to the Florence Biennale led him to organise solo and collective exhibitions with some of them, and also to host lectures and events in the arts centre that he founded which became Florence Biennale Art Space in 2018.

In 2015 he was appointed Guest Curator at the Lucca Museum of Contemporary Art, and in 2016, together with Annabella Pascale, CEO of the Tenuta di Artimino, he founded the Artimino ContemporaneaAssociation. The aim of that association, of which he is the President, is to promote art by organising exhibitions and cultural events at the so-called ‘Ferdinanda’ Medici villa, declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013.

From 2017 to 2019 he served as a member of the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS Italy), an official UNESCO Advisory Council.

Member of Rotary Club Firenze PHF, former President of Rotaract Club Firenze PHF, Jacopo Celona is the Telethon Foundation coordinator for the Florence district. Over recent years he has organised and/or curated contemporary art festivals, conferences, catalogues and exhibitions in Italy and abroad, as indicated in more detail below.

• “Kabul Art Project in Florence”, artist residence di Shamsia Hassani, Firenze, Italia, 2017.
• “G7 d’Arte”, mostra collettiva presso la Basilica di S. Croce, Firenze, Italia, 2017.
• “Visioni d’Arie”, mostra personale di Franca Pisani, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Vienna, Austria, 2016.
• Giuseppe Calonaci’s solo exhibition ‘Parete Occupata’, Prato, Artimino Residence, 2016.
• QART3 – Street Festival of Contemporary Art, 2nd edition, Florence, Quartiere 3, 2016.
• ‘Clarite et Pretiose et Belle’. Icone contemporanee dal vecchio e nuovo mondo”, Assisi, Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, December 2015.
• Wessel Huisman’s solo exhibition ‘The Laws of Perspective’, Prato, Artimino Residence, 2015.
• Andrea Roggi’s solo exhibition, ‘Aer Aeris – I Cieli di Bronzo’, Prato, Artimino Residence, 2015.
• QART3 – Street Festival of Contemporary Art, 1st edition, Florence, Quartiere 3, 2015.
• Franca Pisani’s solo exhibition ‘Per Desdemona”, Florence, Court of Justice, 2015.
• Giampaolo Talani’s solo exhibition ‘Talani’, Prato, Artimino Residence, 2015.
• Cycle of lectures ‘Prospettive Contemporanee’, Florence, Associazione per Boboli, 2015.
• ‘Nutrire l’Anima Ottica’, collective exhibition of contemporary artists, Florence, Linea, 2015.
• ‘Paper Reincarnations’, collective exhibition of contemporary artists, La Valletta (Malta), Istituto Italiano di Cultura, 2014.
• ‘Overlooking Gardens’, collective show of contemporary artists, Pietrasanta, La Versiliana, 2014.
• Pasquale Celona’s solo exhibition, ‘Il Mio Canto ha Deposto ogni Artificio’, Florence, church of Santa Croce, 2013.
• ‘Paper: Common Ground’, collective exhibition of contemporary artists, Florence, Linea, 2012.
• ‘Effetto Biennale – Merida’, collective exhibition of contemporary artists, Merida (Mexico), 2010.
• ‘Effetto Biennale – Assisi’, collective exhibition of contemporary artists, Assisi, 2009.