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Winner of the International Open Call Competition - Photography Award

Viktoria Andreeva is a highly acclaimed fine art photographer known for her surreal creations that center around the human body. Her distinctive approach involves transforming the figure, often creating an otherworldly atmosphere that blurs the line between reality and illusion, natural and artificial. As a former ballet dancer, Viktoria's signature style is deeply rooted in her fascination with the human form. Her artistic vision delves into the complex relationship between human beings and their surroundings, exploring themes such as identity, human duality, and metamorphosis. Andreeva's precise technique leaves open questions for the viewer, encouraging them to engage in deeper contemplation. Born and raised in Bulgaria, she moved to Vienna in 2015 to study Photography and Audiovisual Media at the College of Arts die Graphische. During this time, she embarked on a dream book project in collaboration with six ballet dancers from the historic Vienna State Opera. In recognition of her artistic achievements, Viktoria has received numerous prestigious awards, including a Gold medal in the Fine Art/Nudes category at the Trierenberg Super Circuit - one of the most distinguished photography competitions in the world. In 2022, she was placed among the World’s Top 10 Fine Art Photographers by the jury of the One Eyeland Awards. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in Paris, New York, Rome, Milan, Hong Kong, Budapest, and beyond. Currently based in Vienna, Austria, Viktoria continues to push the boundaries of contemporary photography through her thoughtprovoking creations.

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