Refik Anadol - Biennale

The “Lorenzo il Magnifico” Lifetime Achievement Award for New Media and Installation Art went to the Turkish artist naturalized American Refik Anadol

Born in Istanbul, he graduated in Photography and Video Art at the Bilgi University, where he also obtained his MA degree in Visual Communication Design before earning his MFA degree in Media Arts at the University of California in Los Angeles, where he lives and works.

The immersive installations

Co-founder and artistic director of, Anadol has distinguished himself on the international scene with immersive installations of great evocative power. In recognition of the talent of this young but well-established artist, the Florence Biennale awarded him the Award "by virtue of his extraordinarily innovative work, which originates from a creative process marked by experimentation, combining new media, performances, visual arts and architectures".

An inventor of our time

As an “inventor” of our time, he reinterpreted Leonardo da Vinci’s legacy in new ways, through breakthrough technology, science, and art. To be displayed at the XII Florence Biennale was Anadol’s Melting Memories, an immersive installation which, through the illusion of shifting forms on a picture plane with algorithmically generated compositions, makes us reflect on ageing, cognitive decay, and mortality.
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