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Universo Espanso 9 - Municipality of Peccioli

Mexican multidisciplinary artist Raymundo Sesma will exhibit in the Cavaniglia Pavilion the model of the architectural project being realised for the Municipality of Peccioli.

Raymundo Sesma's project for the Municipality of Peccioli embraces and envelops the architectural structure of the walkway connecting the pedestrian area from the historic centre of Peccioli to the public service areas along Viale Gramsci; co-designed and conceived for Belvedere S.p.A. by a group of designers led by Nico Panizzi of the Heliopolis 21 studio.
The Mexican artist in Universo Espanso 9 continues the development of his research in all those elements that constantly dialogue not only with architecture and landscape but also with their territorial history; starting with the chromatic choice of white and grey, a tribute to Tuscan Romanesque architecture, in his intervention Raymundo Sesma crosses and transcends the geometry of the architectural volumes imagined by the Heliopolis 21 studio thanks to a black line that dilates and implements the architecture, thus making it never the same, transforming the space into a multidimensional place.
The wall intervention is developed in layers, as in ancient painting it is generated by an initial black and white geometric drawing where the artist redraws the vector image of the architecture of the walkway highlighting its deliberately sculptural forms and its spatial design that reminds us of the image of a tower bridge. Then the colours and tiles define the grey backgrounds that create the solids and voids, real or simulated. Their composition emphasises but at the same time implodes the architectural angles that will naturally join the colours of the surrounding landscape. Thanks to this process, the citizen, moving within a “painted” architecture, perceives the illusory movement of the walkway, mediated by a perceptual artifice; the space changes and modifies with each step, thus creating a participatory and shared path between art, architecture, natural and pictorial landscape. 

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