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Argentinian artist and photographer Raquel Bigio, who participated in the XIII Florence Biennale 2021, passed away in September 2022. The Florence Biennale will honour her with a "Lorenzo il Magnifico" Award in Memoriam on the occasion of the XIV edition.

Raquel Bigio was an Argentinian Photographer and Visual Artist, University Professor in Visual Arts, Teacher and Researcher. She has held numerous personal and group exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, New York, Stockholm, Belgium and Israel, and has taken part in numerous national and international Art competitions, winning several major awards.
Her works are in private collections, museums and institutions. From 1994 to 2000 she was the Photography Curator at the Recoleta Cultural Center. Her field of expression has involved experimentation with colour photography, both analog and digital, and the use of film on unconventional surfaces. She has held seminars with Alain Devergnes, director of the French National School of Photography, and with Michel Delaborde and Mat Mahurin at the International PhotoGraphy Meetings in Arles, France. She has also given workshops with Lucien Clergue and Ruiz Gonzalez Palma.

“I learned to train my eye in order to extract a fragment from a major work that stands on its own and turn it into an abstract image”. 

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