Upon entering the dimly lit space, one glimpses a sequence of spaces, a system of infills with different transparencies conceals a large bowl within. The clear water shimmers, inviting one to look into its depths. This vessel of liquid tranquility serves a dual purpose, acting as a canvas reflecting the dazzling digital content dancing on its surface. A meticulously curated collection of nature's irregular elements takes shape in the form of a digital image. The images, an ode to the enchanting complexities of the natural world, manifest themselves in a kaleidoscope of shapes and figures. Each visual composition is meticulously crafted, showcasing creativity and artistry. The surrounding space is a testament to the craftsmanship of the design. The floor, reminiscent of black sands, plunges one into darkness, guiding one's attention towards the luminous centre. Its different levels create an ethereal sense of movement, a visual symphony that embraces the flow of the installation. The walls, not solid but rather an expanse of continuous black curtains, surround the space. This darkness envelops, creating an intimate and secluded atmosphere, allowing you to immerse yourself completely. This interplay of opacity and transparency invites visitors to explore the boundaries between light and shadow. Throughout the space, suspended metal boxes are strategically placed, offering a multisensory dimension to the installation. These structures act as loudspeakers, harmonising with the visual spectacle to create a symphony of sound that resonates in the viewer's mind. The juxtaposition of circular and square shapes further enhances the artistic narrative. The open cup, a symbol of unity and continuity, is circular in shape, bearing witness to the eternal cycle of life. In contrast, the transparent black curtain, with its square shape, represents rule and order, inviting contemplation on the delicate balance between chaos and serenity. The installation stands as a symbolic element, alienating the viewer from phenomenal reality and inviting him to investigate the dualism between nature and technology.


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