Mirroring by Sara Del Bene - FB

Performative installation that spreads with and among the public

The installation appears as a cascade of mirrors, where the visitor can pass through and linger. The mirror is round, like a handbag mirror and has a pin on the back. It's a mirror that you can wear. Sara Del Bene invites the visitor to become part of the artistic experience by wearing the mirror during the event, as an ornament and more. The artist invites the public to reflect on individual and collective identities. This installation focuses on the multiplicity and transience of confrontation.

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Del Bene's participatory installations emphasize dynamism, inviting the participants to connect. The mirror, worn, allows one to observe oneself from different perspectives, to be present in others. This daily circular element projects us into the world of fairy tales, superstitions and traditions. Reflecting ourselves helps us to see ourselves, to observe ourselves. Numerous stories are linked to this moment of confrontation with ourselves through this tool. The question posed in front of the mirror in search of answers is emblematic for the definition of our identity. The performance consists of immersing oneself in the experience of the encounter. A cascade of mirrors, which will spread among the public. The artist's will is to create an autonomous and unpredictable movement. The mirror will remain a reminder of this event and an object of reflection on interaction with others, in line with the theme of this edition of the Florence Biennale: I Am You.