Milestones of Design: ADI Design Museum in Tuscany - FB

The best examples of design presented by ADI Toscana together with the ADI Design Museum of Milan with a series of products selected by ADI Design Index, the annual review of the best Italian design, Honorable Mentions and the Compasso d'Oro Award, the highest award of the sector. ADI, founded in 1956, represents the ideas and interests of the design system. It brings together designers, companies, distributors, researchers, historians, critics, journalists, schools, publishing companies. Its intention is to promote the development of industrial design as a cultural and economic phenomenon, in the function of responsible and sustainable development. The Collection Compasso d'Oro, which manages the ADI Design Museum in Milan, works with the Foundation ADI. Since 1958 it has organized the Compasso d'Oro Award and has dedicated itself to its development as an award for design quality. The products that have won the Compasso d'Oro since 1954 are part of a collection recognized in 2004 by the Ministry for Heritage and Cultural Activities as "of exceptional artistic and historical interest".

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