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"Lorenzo il Magnifico" Lifetime Achievement Award from the President

Lv Zhongyuan was born in 1954 in Wuhan, Jiangcheng, China. Contemporary renowned painter and art educator. Professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, former Director of the Graduate Department of the School of Urban Design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, member of the Academy's Academic Committee, and member of the Japan Asian Art Association. For many years, we have been committed to the integration of Eastern and Western oil painting art, showcasing Zen philosophy and spiritual imagery. We integrate the realism and decoration of form, the tension of color, and the implicitness of thought, making our paintings present a secluded and distant atmosphere full of Eastern ideals, forming a distinct personal artistic characteristic. He has successively studied in the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University (with a bachelor's degree), Tokyo University of Arts, Japan, and Tokyo Xueyi University (with a master's degree), and studied painting under the guidance of international masters such as Wu Guanzhong, Kuiyi Toyama, and Kayama Matazo. I have traveled to France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, the United States, India, Cuba and other countries for sketching and studying. In 2001, at the invitation of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, he was introduced as a national key talent and returned to China to teach at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Mr. Lv Zhongyuan's artistic experience of living abroad for nearly 20 years and his dedication to oil painting creation have enabled him to explore and find a unique position in his own oil painting language, becoming a famous painter who blends China and the West.

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