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Can you smile for me? L’infanzia sperduta

"Can you smile for me? L'infanzia sperduta" is a photographic exhibition consisting of more than eighty shots taken by RAI special correspondent and photoreporter Giammarco Sicuro. A collection that the author wanted to donate to UNICEF and collected in more than ten years of work in various countries around the world, and entirely consisting of children's faces and stories. A colourful and heterogeneous mosaic, but also, and above all, a suffering, emergent and painful mosaic of a childhood, indeed, lost in corners of the world too often abandoned and forgotten.
Myanmar, Peru, Bolivia, India, Nepal, Brazil, Oman, and Tajikistan, are just a few of the countries visited, with a main focus on two major emergencies: Afghanistan and, of course, Ukraine. The first one is a country that has suffered the Taliban's return to power and faces a massive humanitarian crisis. Malnutrition, diseases that had already been defeated and are now present again, absolute denial of rights to children, girls and women, extreme poverty that Giammarco Sicuro was able to document also thanks to the precious help of UNICEF, visiting clinics and hospitals in remote and otherwise inaccessible locations. And then, the war in Ukraine, the anniversary of which coincides with the opening of this exhibition, and whose tragedy emerges with overwhelming and shocking force from the author's shots, taken close to the front, in the middle of the conflict.

These and other difficult contexts in which to be a child will be discussed on Saturday 21 October, at 10.00 a.m. in the Theatre Area - Spadolini Pavilion of the Fortezza da Basso with the author, Giammarco Sicuro and UNICEF Italy Spokesperson Andrea Iacomini.

The exhibition is accessible thanks to the support offered to UNICEF Italy by Navilens (Barcelona). For the first time in Italy, an optical code with NaviLens technology is being used in an art exhibition at the Florence Biennale. This allows visually impaired consumers to scan a special QR-like code through their smartphone. This provides audio access to the information available in the languages in which their mobile phone is set. The caption texts of the photo exhibition Can you smile for me?, will therefore also be available for sighted or visually impaired foreign visitors in the following languages: Italian, Arabic, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Danish, Hebrew, Finnish, French, Galician, Hungarian, Japanese, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, English, Icelandic, Norwegian bokmål, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, German, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

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Giammarco Sicuro

Giammarco Sicuro is a special correspondent for RAI's (Italian public broadcasting) foreign editorial staff and a war photojournalist. He has been with RAI since 2008 and has covered the most important national and international news events for years, from the Amatrice earthquake to the Concordia shipwreck, from the terrorist attacks in London, Manchester and Berlin to the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis and the pandemic, reported in various continents. In 2022, he followed the Ukrainian conflict from both the Russian and Kiev sides, with numerous correspondences from the Donbass front.
He hosted "Unomattina Estate" and won numerous awards, including the Marco Luchetta International Prize, the Cutuli Prize and the Chatwin Prize for his debut book “L’anno dell’Alpaca” (The Year of the Alpaca).
In 2023 he published “Grano. Storie e volti di una guerra vicina” (Wheat. Stories and faces of a nearby war), on the conflict in Ukraine and organised with UNICEF Italy a photo exhibition entitled “Can you smile for me? L’infanzia sperduta” (Can you smile for me? The Lost Childhood), at the MAXXI Museum in Rome.
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