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Franco Mussida at the Florence Biennale 2013

During the IX Florence Biennale the “Lorenzo il Magnifico” for Lifetime Achievement Award in Music was presented to Franco Mussida for his commitment to the education of young musicians and especially in recognition of his ability to unite visual and performing arts. This union is founded on an artistic language that goes beyond the limits of light, form, colour, and sound, creating a new synthesis of the visual and the aural.

At the IX Florence Biennale, at the Fortezza da Basso, Franco Mussida exhibited his installation Wall Conference: 859 Words with musical pauses, featuring a vibrating sculpture on which he had inscribed the symbols of an imaginative iconography of music and of the interval system, symbols that were able to trigger the fusion between the visible and the invisible, between sounds and emotions.

He also presented his latest literary work, Ignored Music, which set a precedent by not discussing tradition, harmony, or the mathematics of music. Instead, Ignored Music confronts us with an extraordinary fact that is often overlooked, as the author tries to explain how music can become emotion and why the same piece of music can be adored by some and hated by others.

The career between visual, performing and musical arts

An acclaimed member the progressive rock band Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM), Franco Mussida is well known as an extremely talented musician and author. He has also received acclaim as an artist for his work in the visual arts and sculpture. His aesthetic vision led him to formulate a theory according to which there is no separation between visual arts, performing arts, and music. This vision was embodied by the installation 17 listening posts with a view of Music, which he presented in San Marino in 2013.
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