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The Silent Invaders.
The metaverse in the real world of Fantacity

The public present at the XIV Florence Biennale will be able to live the all-embracing experience of immersiveness by placing themselves at the centre of a spatial narration of an experience that is as physical as it is immaterial in the works on display. The Oculus Quest 2 VR Visor will allow the audience present to “enter” inside the painting “Silent Invaders”. The immersive experience “The metaverse of the real world in The Silent Invaders” was achieved after a long design and complex realisation lasting six months in which Studio L&C interfaced with artist Andrea Felice to design and build the metaverse, the real and virtual space in which the painting of the immersive experience lives and exists. In the immersive project, the artist has decided to merge two paintings with the same landscape, the same protagonists but some important differences: “Silent Invaders” (2019) and “Time has Stopped” (2018); in the first, an alien spaceship towers over the forest, passing over Roman columns from the forum of Pompeii; in the second, in the distance, there is the temple of Selinunte, a silent monument of a bygone era: both works feature Gustav Klimt and Carl Barks' ducks.

Andrea Felice

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Silent Invaders

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