Partnership with WAVA – World Association of Visual Arts - Biennale


Partnership with WAVA – World Association of Visual Arts

We are glad to announce that the Florence Biennale has established a partnership with WAVA – World Association of Visual Arts which enables participating artists of the XIII Florence Biennale to compete for the WAVA AWARD for "Best Artist". Winners will be chosen during the XIII Florence Biennale (Fortezza da Basso, 23-31 October 2021), upon consideration of all artworks on display, and will be announced and awarded on the occasion of the Awards Ceremony, which will be held on 31 October, 2021 at Fortezza da Basso.


WAVA is an independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental, nonpolitical organization for persons from all over the world, formed under voluntary gathering for the cause of realization, protection and synchronization of the interests of its members and maintaining activities for affirmations of the true values of visual arts and institutions from all over the world which work in this field. This association operates all over the world and collaborates with international organizations, associations, foundations, and institutions. The main goals of WAVA are collaboration and connecting with all individuals, organizations and institutions in the world who deal with visual arts: painting, graphics, drawing, sculpture, conceptual art, installations, performances, photography, cartoons etc…