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Loredana Trestin

We are glad to announce that Loredana Trestin joined the Curatorial Board of the XIIIth Florence Biennale 2021, , which will be held from 23 to 31 October 2021 at Fortezza da Basso, Florence.


Born in Genoa, Loredana has always been involved in art, both as a teacher of contemporary art and painting disciplines, and as a gallery owner and curator of artistic events. In 2005, after collaborating with important Italian galleries, she opened two exhibition spaces with Anna Maria Ferrari, one in Sanremo and the other in the historic center of Genoa, giving life to Immaginecolore.com, with the aim of enhancing art and culture. In 2013 she became president of the Divulgarti Association and then owner of the gallery of the same name (www.divulgarti.org), founded with the aim of promoting and organizing exhibitions and events in Italy and abroad. With Divulgarti she curates all the exhibitions organized at the spaces of Divulgarti Eventi Ducale (Cortile Maggiore of Palazzo Ducale in Genoa) and at the Creativity Art Design (CAD), also in Genoa, in Palazzo Saluzzo dei Rolli. She has organized and curated various exhibitions and events at Palazzo Zenobio in Venice, home of the Biennale d’Arte, and became its artistic director until 2015. In 2017 she was one of the founders of DIDE, the Design District of Genoa, and in 2019, at the CAD, together with a pool of professionals, she opened the Business Atelier space, dedicated to the exhibition of industrial design products, the encounter between art and businesses and the provision of services for art and artists. In 2020 she started a close collaboration with the Cael Gallery in Milan, where she organizes a series of art, video and sculpture exhibitions.


Among her most recent experiences are the artistic direction of the TecnoNart exhibition (Trento), a collaboration with a series of exhibition spaces in Glasgow, her membership of the Scientific Commission of the Triennale di Roma and curatorship of the Biennale Arte delle Dolomiti. She regularly collaborates with some Genoese cultural institutions such as the Galata Museo del Mare, Commenda di Prè, Museo della Lanterna and the six-monthly event Rolli Days, for the enhancement of Genoa’s artistic and architectural heritage. She curates and hosts the television program “A Regola d’Arte” on the Arte Italia 125 and Sky 821 channels and a radio program entitled “Arte alla radio”.