Torino 2006 Olympic Torch

International “Lorenzo il Magnifico” Award for Design 2005

The V Florence Biennale paid homage to the 2006 Torino Olympic torch. Stolen from the Gods and brought down to earth by Prometheus, according to greek mythology the sacred spark of fire is a symbol of human reason, freedom, and creativity.

The basic stylistic concept of the 2006 Torino torch was to offer a modern re-interpretation of the wooden torch by literally lighting metal on fire. The Olympic flame envelops the torch itself rather than arising from its tip, like all the past models. In order to develop this idea, designers created a new and dynamic shape and perfected an original and exclusive combustion system that guaranteed stability, resistance to extinction, and visibility. The shape created by Pininfarina’s design team possessed not only the characteristic of a technologically advanced instrument, but also the sleek and pure contours of a work of art.

In addition to its artistic and technological value, the Florence Biennale also wanted to give the torch the extrinsic value of representing the Olympic Games, which are an extremely important instrument for the promotion of harmony and dialogue between peoples.

For this reason, the award ceremony of the award named after Lorenzo il Magnifico, which is the Biennale’s highest recognition, was held on the day in which the Biennale, the Municipality’s Department for International Relations, and the University of Florence, along with some of the country’s highest authorities, all celebrated the year dedicated to the Ratification of the Constitution of the European Union.