Support the Artists

XII Edition

The Florence Biennale welcomes sponsors who may enable one or more artists to participate in the exhibition. The artists shall look for possible sponsors by themselves. Upon request, however, the Organising Secretariat will support them in their search by providing a sponsor-kit and issuing a document certifying the artist’s admission to the FB.

The name and logo of each sponsor will be published in the official catalogue and web site of the Florence Biennale. To such purpose the artists receiving sponsorships are requested to provide the details of their sponsors (name, country, web site) as well as a H/R file with their logo to the Organising Secretariat no later than 14 June 2019.

Currently more than 80% of the participating artist are financially supported by a third party and we want to thank all the sponsors that allowed the involvement of these artists in past editions.

The following file is only an example. For the complete Sponsor Kit and the certificate of admission, please send an email to