Aperitivo ad Arte

Show Cooking e Drinks

Lounge area, Fortezza da Basso, 19 – 26 October 2019

Aperitivo ad Arte – every day from 19 to 26 October at 18:00

Lounge area, Spadolini Pavilion, Fortezza da Basso

At 18:00 every day in the Lounge area of the Spadolini Pavilion, visitors to the Florence Biennale can take part in Aperitivo ad Arte, Show Cooking and Drinks.

As the audience enjoys an aperitif (drinks and nibbles), chefs and restaurant professionals will demonstrate their wonderful signature recipes live for Aperitivo ad Arte!

And, new this year for visitors to Florence Biennale, anyone buying a ticket from 18:00 can enjoy free entry to Aperitivo ad Arte (drink and nibbles) and the cookery show.

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Aperitivo Show Cooking PERINI
Saturday 19 October: Andrea Perini

For visitors to Aperitivo ad Arte at the Florence Biennale, Andrea Perini will demonstrate the preparation method of his Viva l’Italia.

Andrea Perini is the chef at the Al 588 restaurant in Bagno a Ripoli. Known as the “extra-virgin chef” for his way of creating every dish from the starting point of its matching extra-virgin olive oil, his is a young style of cooking, yet deeply rooted in the past and with strong links to tradition.

His style of food is healthy, with short cooking times and abundant use of vegetables; he trained for a year and a half with Gordon Ramsey in London, then in Santo Domingo.

Since 2014 he has deepened his knowledge of extra-virgin olive oil at the side of Michelin-starred Spanish chef María San Román, Spain’s ambassador for extra-virgin olive oil.

Aperitivo Show Cooking, D'Auria
Sunday 20 October: Giuseppe D”Auria

The dish Giuseppe D’Auria will prepare for the Aperitivo ad Arte audience at the Florence Biennale is based solely on vegetables.

Born in Campania in 1984, after catering school Giuseppe trained in both northern and southern Italy, and it was on the Amalfi coast that he discovered the art of Thai vegetable carving under Nico Scalora. In 2016 he took part in the Italian cooking championships in Montichiari (BS) and went home with his first silver medal, to be repeated in 2017 and 2018 in two different categories.

This year he successfully competed in heats to secure a place in the Tuscan Regional cooking team.

Aperitivo Show Cooking Storai
Monday 21 October: Stefania Storai

Stefania Storai will talk about filled pasta, with a focus on tortelli and their relationship with design.

A blogger (www.minaelesuericette.it) and a passionate lover of good food and drink, Stefania is one of Tuscany’s most skilled bakers.

She has been a member of the Prato cookery club for 30 years, and has attended lessons with Gualtiero Marchesi, Annie Feolde and others.

13 years a member of the board of the Florence AIS Sommeliers’ Association, Stefania is part of the Tuscan delegation, the national Donne del Vino association and the FIC – Italian Federation of Cooks. She also runs Pasta Madre Day in Prato.

Aperitivo Show Cooking,Tilli
Tuesday 22 October: Edoardo Tilli

Edoardo Tilli will prepare his unique dish “Mondo” for guests of Aperitivo ad Arte at the Florence Biennale.

In the space of a few years, this self-taught chef has made a big name for himself on the Tuscan food scene, thanks to his skilled use of technology and his ability to think outside the box: his cooking is anything but stereotypical!

Having spent several months cooking for the monks in an Indian monastery, his domain is now Podere Belvedere in Pontassieve, which he has recently extended to cater for growing demand.

Aperitivo Show Cooking, Fantozzi
Wednesday 23 October: Stefano Fantozzi

Stefano Fantozzi will amaze the audience at Aperitivo ad Arte with his sugar sculptures.

The Pisa-born chef has extensive professional experience in restaurants including Da Buzzino and Il Conventino, and also took his sugar-sculpting art to Expo 2015.

His career highlights include winning the Piazza dei Cavalieri international prize as Italian Food Ambassador.

His extraordinary sculptures have won the Italian artistic gold medal three times (2010-11-12) and the bronze medal in the World Cup. It’s a passion that was born while working with a French chef and honed under Rossano Vinciarelli.

Aperitivo Show Cooking, Sacchetti
Thursday 24 October: Paolo Sacchetti

Sacchetti presents his idea of Pesche di Prato, one of Italy’s most renowned desserts, for the audience of Aperitivo ad Arte.

He’s just over 50 and has all the enthusiasm of a youth and a series of professional accomplishments that place him at the summit of Italian pastry-making. In 1996 he won a gold medal for the best spring cake (the Fagottino), in 1998 he was awarded best single-portion dessert (Peach and Pear) and in 1999 best canapé. In 2005 he won an award for excellent work in puff pastry, in which he continues to be the undisputed master today.

Aperitivo Show Cooking, Romano
Friday 25 October: Lorenzo Romano

For the audience of Aperitivo ad Arte at the Florence Biennale, Lorenzo Romano will demonstrate the production stages of his incredible “ceci n’est pas un tomate”.

This self-taught chef, born in Florence in 1989, grew up in his family’s restaurant, the Trattoria Tre Soldi in Viale D’Annunzio (today, under his leadership, it is the Insolita Trattoria).

Nevertheless, Lorenzo studied classics at university, before returning to the kitchen aged 21. After several years of working his way up, he discovered his own original vision of the trade and began to experiment until in 2018 he came to a style of cooking free from rules and patterns.

Aperitivo Show Cooking D'Andrea
Saturday 26 October: Silvestro D’Andrea

Silvestro D’Andrea will prepare his cheese-based specialities in front of the Aperitivo ad Arte audience at the Florence Biennale.

With past experience in top hotels and more popular venues, Silvestro is a member of the Tuscan team in the Regional Union of Cooks. Over the years he has collected several individual prizes for vegetable carving (including, most recently, silver medal at the 2018 Luxembourg World Championships).

The son of chefs, 45-year-old D’Andrea began spending time in kitchens and with vegetables at an early age. He is also responsible for three centres for disabled children in the Florence area.