Live the experience

For about 20 years The Biennale of Florence has worked on promoting the development of artists work by proposing and attempting to conceive a new way to view and/or understand Contemporary Art.

Since the foundation of the Florence Biennale, about 5000 artists from 100 different countries in the world have discovered that the city of Florence is the ideal area to promote and display their art and different cultures.
With no filter, except for quality, all participating artists have the opportunity to

meet and exchange their ideas and opinions each other as well as directly with the public. We offer the opportunity to both emerging and established artist to benefit from the possibility to demonstrate their work and talent at an international level.

Also giving emerging artist the chance to confront and meet established artist, leading to various exchanges of ideas, opinions and interest. It’s a melting pot of culture that will make the various artistic expressions and understandings of the contemporary world more prominent.

An Opportunity for your Artistic Career

During each edition of the Florence Biennale, for each artistic category, the International Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico” is given to deserving artists by the International Jury composed by outstanding personalities in the world of art and culture, who examine the artworks on display and decides about the prize conferral.Aside from appointing the members of the International Jury, the President of the Florence Biennale has the right to give a special mention to one or more exhibiting artists. Artists who have participated in past events of the Biennale have had the advantage to make themselves known and recognized within the contemporary world, which has subsequently led their work to be considered and exposed in other famous international exhibitions/events.

Florence Biennale Catalogue

The official catalogue of the Florence Biennale, published by Rubbettino Editore, contains color images and informations about all participating artists. The volume will be distributed in Italy through Messaggerie Libri,, and the most important book fairs (such as those held in Bologna, Turin, Rome, and Frankfurt).

Copies of the volume will also be sent to Italian libraries in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and other European cities. Furthermore, the FB Catalogue will be made available at the bookshops of the Venice Biennale, Triennale di Milano, and Artefiera Bologna as well as in the museums of Padua, Bologna, Florence, Rome, and Verona.