As a scholar and curator with a cross-disciplinary background, Dr. Melanie Zefferino specialises in art

forms conjoining different cultural traditions and media, either historic or contemporary. After graduating with honours in Fine Arts and Conservation from the Accademia Albertina in Turin, where she had attended a drama school earlier in years, she completed professional training in Latin palaeography at the State Archives of Turin. She then obtained her MA in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester. More recently she was awarded her PhD in History of Art (with Theatre Studies) from the University of Warwick, which she could pursue also thanks to funding received from the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation.

She has curated contemporary art exhibitions in museums, public venues and art galleries, and has worked with the Florence Biennale since 2013. Worth of mention also is her collaboration with different museums and organisations such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art for an exhibition at Palazzo Medici Riccardi Florence, the Victor Salvi Harp Museum in Piasco, the Lenci factory of collectible dolls and ceramics, and other. She has been the Keeper of a princely collection of artworks from different epochs, and Board Director of the public institution managing the civic theatre and school of music in her home town. In 2018 she has been appointed as Member of the International Jury of the Osten Biennale of Drawings in Skopje, Macedonia.

While working in the arts, in recent years she has fulfilled teaching positions at University of Warwick, History of Art Department, Venice Programme, and at the Porta Coeli Academy and Study Centre for Mediterranean Culture in Venosa. As an invited speaker and chair she has attended prestigious conferences, and published articles in International peer-reviewed art magazines as well as essays in edited collections, catalogues, and a book on the history of the Castle of Uzzano at Greve in Chianti, Florence. Her book on moving figures in the Venetian Republic is forthcoming.