International Jury 2017

XI Edition

The International Jury has, for many years, played a very important role in the life of the Florence Biennale. Composed by outstanding personalities in the world of art, the Jury examines the artworks on display and decides about the “Lorenzo il Magnifico” award conferral for each category. The International Jury’s decision shall be final. Aside from appointing the members of the International Jury, the President of the Florence Biennale has the right to give a special mention to one or more exhibiting artists.

Elza Ajzenberg

Elza Ajzenberg

Former Coordinator of the Program Inter-units in Aesthetics and Art History (2000-2009) and former director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in São Paulo MAC-USP (2002-2005) – São Paulo, Brazil


Dominique E.Baechler

Professor of Aesthetics and Art History at Fundação Sociology and Political Science, Master of Museum Studies, the City of São Paulo, Art Critic – Paris/São Paulo, France/Brazil

R. B. Bhaskaran

Former director of the Lalit Kala Akademi Government of India founded by the Ministry of Culture. Director of the College of Arts, Chennai India, painter and engraver – New Delhi, India

Francesco Buranelli

Former director of the Vatican Museums. Secretary General of the Pontificial Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church – Rome, Italy

Pasquale Celona

Artist. Founder and president of the Florence Biennale, creator of the ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ International Award and president of the International Jury of the Florence Biennale – Florence, Italy

María Teresa Constantin

Art historian, curator and art critic specialized in art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. From 2007 to the present she is Art Coordinator, at national level, for the OSDE Foundation – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Naoki Dan

Professor Emeritus of History of Medieval Art at the University of Gunma, Japan. Foremost specialist of Donatello and Tino di Camaino. He is involved in various international projects aimed at reinterpreting the heritage from the past on the contemporary art scene – Gunma, Japan

Huang Du

Independent curator and art critic, he has published numerous essays and critical articles on international magazines and catalogues of contemporary art. He has co-curated the “50th Venice Biennale – Chinese Pavilion” and curated “The 26th Sao Paulo Biennale – Chinese Pavilion” – Beijin, China

Karen Lang

Associate Professor at the University of Warwick and member of the University’s Centre for Research in Philosophy, Literature and The Arts. Former editor-in-chief of “The Art Bulletin”, the leading peer-reviewed journal of international art history – Coventry, United Kingdom

Gregorio Luke

A former director of the Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, California. Art Critic and expert on Latin American art, has curated over a thousand lectures on Mexican art in museums and universities. Founder and CEO of non-profit organization ARCOS (Art in Communities and Schools) – Los Angeles, USA

Matty Roca

Art historian, critic, curator, museographer, and cultural promoter. Member of International Association of Art Critics, Federation of University Women of Mexico and Artistic Treasures of Mexico Society – Cancun, Mexico


Gerfried Stocker

Media artist and engineer, Stocker is the Artistic Director of the Ars Electronica Festival and Managing Director of the Ars Electronica Center in Linz (Austria) – Linz, Austria

Enrico Vergnano

Enrico Vergnano

Professor at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) and over twenty years of experience as Head of the Design Department in a textile manufacture and in internationaljoint ventures. Carries out extensive research and coordinates the work of textile artists and designers on fiber materials and techniques – Turin, Italy