Vilson Palaro Júnior, Fatto a Mano, Digital Photography,

Vilson Palaro Júnior, Fatto a Mano, Digital Photography,


Name: Vilson Palaro Júnior

Country represented: Brazil

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1st Award Photography – X Florence Biennale 2015


Many are the awards that Vilson Palaro has won throughout his artistic career before obtaining the ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ Award for photography in 2015, which added to the one he received in 2011 within the framework of the IXth Florence Biennale. At the International Art Biennial of Rome he received the 2nd Prize in 2012, and the 4th Prize in 2014. By then he had received other prizes, including the 6th Prize at the Mostra Internazionale di Nettuno (Italy). Also to be mentioned is the 1st Prize he received at the ‘Arte da Magistradura’ contest (Brazil) in 2011 with Resignação, following the prize gained one year earlier at the same contest with Travessia. In 2013 he won the gold medal at the XXVIIth Salao de Artes Plastica de Arceburgo (Minas Gerais). In the subsequent 2014 and 2015 editions of that contest he was awarded the Troféu Prefeitura Municipal de Arcerburgo. Amongst his many exhibitions, special mention should be made of ‘Trilha do Tempo’ (2008), ‘Gente’ (2011), ‘Alma Cabocla’, and ‘O Reid a Viola’, held during the 2nd Seminario ‘Vertentes da Viola no Brazil’ in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais).


What is your notion of art, and how do interpret that idea as an artist?

Art, for me, is discovering the labyrinths of the soul. It is finding our true essence as human beings and revealing the secrets of our souls to others.


Please tell us about your sources of inspiration, your reference models.

As a man and an artist I draw inspiration from memories of childhood that allow me to revive a feeling of purity pervading my soul when I was in my early years.


What characterises your artistic research from a formal or aesthetic point of view?

I seek the essence of the man who lives this world looking at it as if he were still a child. I look for traces of culture that might be lost forever in a globalised world and capture their purest essence within images in an attempt to preserve it.


What characterises your artistic production as far as materials and techniques, or media are concerned?

The black and white and the inexhaustible world to which its refers. The close focus on hands, feet, faces and their many expressions, through which I portray feelings.


How was your experience at the Florence Biennale?

Receiving the first prize at the ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ Awards within the framework of the 2011 Florence Biennale opened doors to me as an artist. That prize was my first and major recognition until I received the ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ Award again in 2015, at a time in which I was reaching pinnacles of artistic achievement with Fatto a Mano. Testifying to the participation of Italian immigrants in the coffee crop in Brazil at the end of the XIXth century, that work is a tribute to my great-grandfather Luigi Pallaro, an Italian from Loreggia, Padova. The Florence Biennale has thus paved way to my artistic career.