Name: Noy Alon

Country represented: Israel

Personal web

1st Award Jewellery Art – X Florence Biennale 2015


Noy Alon is a jewellery designer and maker based in Israel. She graduated from the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art in Ramat Gan. Her love and curiosity for colours, shapes, materials, and details led her to the world of jewellery. The idea that a piece of jewellery is a functional work of art, which contains emotions and thoughts, is the basis of her design inspiration. She enjoys creating conceptual and unique jewellery. Her collections are sold in exclusive jewellery boutiques, and have been displayed at several art exhibitions and galleries around the world, for instance the London Design Week, the Jewellery Biennial in Lithuania, the Ame Gallery, the J-Tour Gallery, the Periscope Gallery, ICKX Gallery, Israeli Jewelry Biennial and more.


What is your notion of art, and how do interpret that idea as a jewellery artist?

I believe that art is an expression of our humanity: feelings, thoughts, creativity, opinions, views etc. It plays a great role in our lives as it allows us to explore and challenge society and culture. I use my medium to express myself, my inner world. In doing so, hopefully I may reach others by triggering their response to. My works are something between a work of art and a jewel.


Is your work reminiscent of the Jewish tradition in some respects?

My work is personal and comes from a very intimate sphere so I can neither separate my personal background nor my cultural heritage from my work. However, I do not deal with religion or Jewish traditions as a concept or agenda. Judaism is practised as a tradition, rather than religion, in my home.


What characterises your artistic research from an aesthetic point of view?

I am drawn to imperfect aesthetics and things that aren’t considered ‘pretty’ at first sight. I have a bit of an industrial or rough finishing in my jewellery and, in my opinion, imperfections are the best details.


What characterises your artistic production as far as materials and techniques are concerned?

I usually work with painted metal and various other materials. I love researching industrial and non-traditional materials to use in jewellery. I use metal as a structural or functional element while trying to challenge the boundaries between art and jewellery.


How was your experience at the Florence Biennale?

The biennale was incredible! From being in a beautiful city like Florence to being able to exhibit in such a special and historic venue was amazing. The best part was getting to meet talented and interesting artists from around the world. With some of them I still keep in touch. I am so thankful to have had this great experience, and winning was just overwhelming.