Name: Maro Verli

Country represented: Greece

Personal web site:

1st Award Video Art – X Florence Biennale 2015


Born in Greece, Maro Verli is a documentary and editorial photographer focusing on humanitarian and cultural issues on the international scene. Building on her academic background with an MBA from the University of Kentucky (U.S.A.), and also 10 years of professional experience in media and communication, she has designed and realised visual storytelling projects that show, aside from her creative skills, her ability to communicate effectively the intended contents through images. She currently works for the Frontier Myanmar Magazine (Myanmar) and her portfolio includes a wide range of works commissioned by organisations, magazines, and individual clients.

My Greek Summer #GRummer, is a photographic project made for the promotion of Greek tourism. It enjoyed 10,000 in the first week following its presentation.

GIVE + TAKE Love, Hope, Light, Smile (2013), her first photo exhibition, which testifies to her experience as an ambassador of the Actionaid organisation in a mission in Vietnam, conveys the message that volunteering has no borders.


What is your notion of art, and how do you interpret that idea as an artist?

Art is something that captures your imagination, your feelings, and your thoughts. My aim, through my artistic expression, is to provoke the audience by reaching their unconscious so that they may overcome their cultural barriers.


What characterises your artistic research from an aesthetic point of view?

I believe that every human being hides a young ‘superhero’ inside. Through my photos I try to give voice to that hero by revealing their feelings, thoughts, ethics, and experience. Photography does not ‘capture’ a moment. Rather, it reveals moments from the past at the time in which you actually take the picture: in that very moment photography reveals something that brings in many years of historical, political, and cultural events. That’s why I always try to communicate with people, interact with them, know about their backgrounds… Photography is a form of visual communication, sometimes stronger than the verbal one.


Please tell us something about your use of light and colour in photography.

Light and colour are everywhere: we are surrounded by these natural elements. Yet, combining, enhancing, and mixing them is an alchemy that enables me to communicate a message through images.