Florence Biennale Design 2019

18 – 27 October | Fortezza da Basso, Florence

Florence Biennale 2019 – Design Exhibition


High- End Design and Excellence in Manifacturing

Florence Biennale 2019 presents a new exhibition dedicated to the world of design. The Pavilion is structured according to different perspectives and focuses on different key factors of design in the areas of product design, fashion, interior design, architecture, communication graphics and game design.

The Design Pavilion project stands as a significant added value for Florence Biennale if we refer the year 2019 as the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death and consider that Leonardo is the genius of the “project” and technicalscientific invention. Leonardo’s thoughts and works were able to unify the creative process. It was a mentality that was able to set significant “bridges” between engineering driven by technological exploration and humanistic and artistic values of design.

The Leonardo Da Vinci award, bestowed to excellent representatives of national and international design scenario within Florence Biennale, aims at emphasizing on the value of this anniversary. The connection between tangible and intangible values of the creative process and production is a centric relevant topic of the Design pavilion. This subject and pavilion structure boost ideas and reflections that include contents from the humanities or immaterial contents related to the product and to other aspects referred to technical expertise and advanced manufacturing.

Tuscany and high-end design

According to this point of view, Tuscany could be considered a cradle of know-hows and relevant case histories in high-end design production, connected to social and cultural values spread in the region.

In fact, within the design districts of the region we can highlight on the manufacturing expertise – developed over the centuries – that develops high-end artefacts for Italian and international corporations.

Due to this “saper fare” devoted to research, knowledge, and transfer and creative cross-fertilizations within Tuscany districts, we can find an intelligence and exploration attitude similar to the Leonardo one.

Italian and International Design at Florence Biennale

The Design Pavilion collects different aspects of the design culture, both the ones related to the international scope and others related to peculiar local aspects and values of Tuscany.

The exhibition section is characterized by two main areas. The first one is hosting companies and foundations that could be considered points of reference in contemporary product design, fashion, and communication areas.

The second area presents a selection of national and international designers with different background and professional paths. In addition, Florence Biennale hosts a special selection of contemporary designers as “guides” and points of reference in national and international high-end design scenario.

Moreover, the designers’ area presents a significant project that Florence Biennale has developed in partnership with the City of Ningbo. The important center of strategic manufacturing in China is developing relevant, design-driven strategies aiming to reposition the manufacturing district diffused in that territory. Through the supervising of Ningbo authorities, the pavilion hosts a selection of some of the best emerging Chinese designers in area architecture, product design, fashion, interior design, communication, and game design.

The participation of the Chinese designers offers a strategic chance to bridge intercultural relations that could highlight on differences and commonalities in between the different design and manufacturing cultures.

Finally, the Design pavilion includes, in the same area, spaces where important Academic Institutes present the researches they are developing within their courses and research centres.

In addition, the institutes offer the chance to participate in thematic workshops on contemporary design topics in partnership with design-oriented companies.