Born in La Spezia, Cavallini moved to Fiesole with his family in 1960. His life was dedicated to sculpture and pursuing the movement. He made many works commissioned by various institutions, not only in Italy, but also in other countries of the world. One of his important works, the ‘Monument to Life’ is exhibited in Strasbourg in the Council of Europe Hall. In the last few years he was working on the work “The Last Supper” in bronze. One of his first main works, the “Portrait of the statesman Konrad Adenauer” is located in Germany, in the Government Palace in Bonn. In Italy, Cavallini created the “Monument to Columbus” for Expo ’92, commissioned by the Municipality of Genoa and placed in the Ligurian capital. For the city of Florence, Cavallini has made many works located along the Lungarno, in Villa Favard and at the Rai TV headquarters. The Region of Tuscany, in 1982, sponsored the bronze transformation of the “Monument to Peace”, located at the Palazzo dei Congressi.


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