In 2012 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in the course of Painting-Project by Andrea Granchi with the thesis “The book and the artists” of which Maurizio Olivotto is the speaker. He collaborated with Fresnel Multimedia for the realization of theatrical sets, storyboards (“Hydra – The Series”), animations, music video clips (Barack and Burattini), short films, illustrations. He obtains the European diploma of Multimedia Designer following the course “Cinema becomes theater” funded by the Tuscany Region. He has collaborated with Pezzini Editore, Edizioni Circolo Letterario Semmelweis, “Girasoli” literary periodical and “L’Area di Broca” six-monthly literature and knowledge. He illustrated “Vittoria and other stories of flight” by Angelo Australi (Pezzini Editore), the collection of poems “They saw us in a dream” by Gabriele Venuti, the novel e-book coming out at the books “Who is Jo Spatacchia?” by Tommaso Vieri Candidi distributed by and the book “Agricola, wheat and fantasy laboratory” inside the Calitri Sponz Fest 2015 directed by Vinicio Capossela. It is mentioned in the book “The image that tells. Techniques and methodologies from design to media “by Andrea Balzola, Orietta Brombin and Daniele Gay published by Albertina Press of Turin. In 2015 he won the first edition of the QART3 Street Festival of Contemporary Art.


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