Mario Pachioli, monumental sculptor, lives and works in Florence. He graduated at the Vasto State Institute of Art, then he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence under the guidance of Prof. Antonio Berti. He partecipated in international and national solo and group exhibitions. Among the most important works we could remember the monument to S.Pio da Pietrelcina, in the Church of the Saints Gervasio and Protasio in Florence, inaugurated by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. His works have been included in many museum collections, including the National Museums of Krakow and Warsaw, Poland; the Civic Museum of Stia, Arezzo; and the Bargello National Museum in Florence. The encounter with the refractory material that the artist prefers to revolutionize his relationship with matter. Its characteristics of strength and ductility conquer it, subjugating it to a practically continuous learning and improvement. The ability to translate a finished work in bronze, splitting it into two distinct units identical and at the same time different in the rendering of surfaces and color tones, excites it. Now oriented towards a happy figurative world, it stands out in solo and group exhibitions around the world.


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