When he was younger he engaged in drawing and painting, he began to express himself as a portraitist under the guidance of the futurist, a friend of Gerardo Dottori, Prof. Vittorio Meschini and prof. Luciano Maddoli also a painter. He attended the Pietro Vannucci Academy of Perugia and a course of restoration. Affirmed in the city of Mantua as a painter, he returned to Perugia in 1975. Iovene is a member of the academy of S.Lazzaro, National and International Federitalia Manager for Art and Secretary ALEA – Non-profit Cultural and Non-Profit Cultural Association. Thematic artist, in favor of the weak, denounces hunger, thirst, abuses and praises the freedom of man. Some of his works have been exhibited in various parts of the world; others, however, were sold at auction for charity.