Franca Pisani was born in Grosseto in 1956 from a family of artists. At nine, encouraged by her precocious talent, she attended the studio of the sculptor and painter Alessio Sozzi, who taught her all the pictorial techniques: fresco, oil, pastel, watercolor, mixed techniques, and above all sculpture referring to the Etruscan techniques, the clay and the colors of the land. Sozzi encouraged her to pursue the art and studies in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. She used to visit with great passion the Uffizi Gallery – one of her work will be placed right there, in the Vasari Corridor, in the Self-Portraits Collection. In December 2014 she took part in “Dietrofront” exhibition at the Uffizi Gallery and, after that, her self-portrait, together with Bill Viola’s work, will be exposed in the Vasari Corridor.


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