Dolorès Puthod

International Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico” for Lifetime Achievement 1997

Due to its particular qualities, Dolorès Puthod’s work occupies its own distinctive position among the many contrasting artistic currents that have characterized the past few decades. Her attachment to the Commedia dell’Arte and its various masks have placed her in a singular artistic position, hanging in the balance between pictorial and scenic art, and always connected to theatrical performance.

In fact, Dolorès Puthod has always been a keen observer of the theatrical performances held in Italy’s major theatres. She has held a sort of competition between the agile performances of actors and acrobats and her own ability to capture their movements and gestures. In order to truly appreciate the great quality of her work and her extraordinary endurance, it is necessary to gaze at the huge paintings that she made for La Scala Opera House in Milan.

Born in Milan in 1934, she is one of the main representatives of 20th century figurative painting. She received her diploma from the Academy of Brera and worked as a set designer at La Scala. She has been drawing and painting for over 60 years, and has collaborated with Picasso, De Chirico, and Savino. Her work can be admired in major public and private art collections and in some of the world’s most prestigious museums.

In 1995 she was the guest of honour at the Florence Biennale’s first edition, and during this event she received the prestigious Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico” for Lifetime Achievement.

2014 saw the release of a documentary about her life and her career, featuring more than 3000 of her paintings.