Ethics Charter of the New Millennium Artist

Ethics: DNA of Art

Florence Biennale tries to define artists’ role in the midst of the digital era. Ethics Charter of the New Millennium Artist composed of seven articles defines the artists’ fundamental roles and functions in our contemporary world.

The Charter was presented for the first time during the XXXIII World Federation of UNESCO Clubs Symposium, entitled The Universal Language of Music and Art for a Global Ethic, which took place in Florence and Lucca from March 8th – 13th, 2013.

Seven articles that encompass the Ethics Charter of the New Millennium Artist in which the artist is defined as a Planet Earth Strategic Citizens, liberty keepers and citizens of the world, symbols and bearers of universal values.

Art. 1

Any individual who conjugates creativity and ethical commitment in culture, art, education, philosophy, science, and other spheres of knowledge or activity with a view to contributing to the development of the intellectual, cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual potential of human beings is an Artist of the new millennium.


Art. 2

For their ability to interpret the world in a creative and ethical manner breaking cultural, ideological, political, physical, economical boundaries and the like, and therefore to inspire new ways of thinking and/or behaving, the Artists of the new millennium are Sentinels of Freedom. As such, the Artists oppose any form of violence, coercion, imposition and prevarication.


Art. 3

For the strategic role that they can play in the destiny of the communities to whom they belong, respectively, and the future of Humanity, the Artists are Citizens of the World. As such, the Artists foster respect for human rights and dignity, and reject any discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sex orientation, disability, age, religion, and other.


Art. 4

The Artists believe in the value of cultural diversity, and foster the preservation of the world`s Cultural Heritage.


Art. 5

The Artists believe in the value of biodiversity and foster the preservation of the world`s Natural Heritage.


Art. 6

The Artists of the new millennium are custodians of their heritage and artistic traditions, and yet they create newly conceived interpretive forms that allow to exploring global realities with trans-disciplinary and/or transcultural approaches, and representing them also with multimedia solutions.


Art. 7

Through their work, the Artists of the new millennium contribute to providing a holistic vision for the development of a Sustainable Future.

Contributors: Maria Luisa Stringa, Rolando Bellini, François Zille, Melanie Zefferino, Jacopo Celona, Lilia Lamas, Debora Garritani, Diego Pasqualin, Erica Tamborini.


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