Florence Biennale 2003

IV Edition

The fourth Florence Biennale was one of the event’s culturally richest editions, with more than 890 participating artists from over 72 countries.

When thousands of exciting and creative minds from every artistic discipline are gathered together from distant locations, this gives rise to a spectacular workshop of global creativity.

During this edition, the Biennale prepared two special exhibits: the first on the work of the

Restoration Laboratories of the Vatican Museums, which illustrated the conservation techniques for works of art as well as several examples of completed restorations, and the other on the famous car manufacturer Ferrari, which exhibited several vintage cars accompanied by the original preparatory designs by Pininfarina, as testament to the strong ties between industrial design and science.

Both receive the Prize “Lorenzo il Magnifico” for

Lifetime Achievement, for the recovery of cultural and artistic heritage and for design respectively.

Of all the events and performances, one of particular note was the conference the Importance of optic instruments for the artists of the past, hosted by David Hockney, who received the Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico” for Lifetime Achievement. This award was also presented to the Mexican artist and muralist Alfredo Zalce, who passed away in January 2003.

Artistic Director: John T. Spike

International Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico”

For Lifetime Achievement 2003