Participate in the Florence Biennale

Policy for Admission

The artists who are interested in participating in the Florence Biennale have to submit their application, which will be evaluated by the Florence Biennale International Selection Committee (ISC) or the Florence Biennale Curatorial Board, who will examine their curriculum and proposed artworks.The Florence Biennale considers for admission all techniques and styles. At present the FB art categories (listed in alphabetical order) are Ceramic Art, Digital Art, Drawing Calligraphy and Prints, Installation Art, Jewellery Art, Mixed Media, Painting, Performance Art,Photography, Sculpture, Textile & Fiber Art, and Video Art. The number of artworks that can be displayed varies depending on the exhibition space chosen by the artist, and the dimensions of the artworks themselves.

Further information about participation fee, exhibition spaces, selection/admission process etc. is set out in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and in the documentation provided to the artists admitted to participate in the FB.

Artists are informed that the selections for the XII Florence Biennale 2019 are officially open.

Application is free of charge and non-binding for artists.