Florence Biennale 2013

November 30th – December 8th

The latest edition of the Biennale, whose theme was “Ethics: DNA of Art”, hosted over 25 Events in the Event throughout the city, and it was attended by hundreds of artists and thousands of visitors, gaining the enthusiastic approval of participating artists and the public.

The IX Florence Biennale is titled Ethics: DNA of Art and it marks the beginning of a series of editions that will draw inspiration from the principles found in the Ethical Charter of the New Millennium Artist.

This document was presented at the XXXIII World Congress of UNESCO Centers, which took place in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio on March 11th 2013, when it was ratified by all of the participating NGOs.

It represents an important achievement for the Florence Biennale, which had already been recognized in 2001 by the UN as an official partner of the Project “Dialogue Among Civilizations”.

This editions’ theme represents the Biennale’s new

mission: to offer a critique of the relationship between art and ethics and of the role of the arts in the new millennium. It is from this perspective that the Biennale will explore new frontiers in order to re-establish artistic culture to a central role in the contemporary world.

The “Lorenzo Il Magnifico” Award for Lifetime Achievement was presented to internationally renowned individuals such as Anish Kapoor, Franco Mussida e Henryk Jurkowski.

The New Florence Biennale goes beyond Fortezza da Basso walls and multiplies the artistic experience in different sites and dates. Eight events are scheduled to coincide with the exhibition (from November 30th to December 8th 2013), in as many symbolic places in Florence such as: Biblioteca delle Oblate, Cripta dell’Opera di Santa Croce, ExTribunale di Piazza San Firenze (Former Courthouse), Salone dei Cinquecento of Palazzo Vecchio. Two events await us outside Florence: a walk through olive groves and artistic installations in Fiesole and “Fusion on plain air”, by Geremia Renzi at the Agriturismo Corzano in Barberino di Mugello.

During the ten days of Biennale, the Biblioteca delle Oblate will host “Illustrating Florence” (Sala delle Capriate), an exhibition of seven photographers and curated by Maurizio Gabbana.

The former Courthous of Florence (ExTribunale in Piazza San Firenze, Sala della Musica) turns into “Casino dell’Arte: Kunstkammer in Progress”, unusual set-up which recalls a Grand Tourist’s collection. Among the 40 international artists who take part to the collective show are: Athos Collura, Luce Delohove, Andrea Granchi, Edo Janich, and Aldo Spoldi.

Three Turkish women give us a perspective on contemporary art in their country in Fortezza da Basso. The exhibition, called “Ex Oriente – Mare 

Nostrum, Trame Visive, Exodus”, curated by Marcella Guerrieri.

On stage at Studio Rosai (via Toscanella 18) “La Ribollita”, tribute to 92 years of Lisa Licitra Ponti and in memory of Paolo Marini: the first of three events will take place on December 2nd, curated by Mat&AleCo (Matteo Licitra and Maria Alessandra Columbu) in cooperation with Fabio Norcini.

There will be also the opportunity to live art interactively: in example in the occasion of the walk through the olive groves and artistic installation at Azienda Agricola Buonamici in Fiesole.

A gallery of dreamland characters awaits us at Spazio LINEA Arte Contemporanea (via delle Porte Nuove, 10): the “Bestiario Fantastico” opens on December 2nd, a collective exhibition, organized in cooperation with Dieffe Arte Contemporanea of Turin. A series of artworks in which the reversal of reality makes us think about what the “human condition” means for us. Expressed through a fun works of art without take ourselves too seriously.

On Monday December 2nd the students of the secondary schools of Florence will arrive at Fortezza da Basso to attend one of the meetings of the cycle Reading Contemporary Art, a project sponsored by the municipality of Florence, which will end with a contest for classrooms.

The students have to create an original artwork: the first classified work will be exposed in a public space of Florence. On December 2nd the students will attend a special Art session, held by the Artistic Director Rolando Bellini and the Head of Culture of the municipality of Florence Cristina Giachi.

Last but not least, on December 3rd at Palazzo Vecchio (Salone dei Cinquecento) will host a day of study with an international symposium: Neo-Humanism, Art, Ethics, and Aesthetics in the Dawn of the New Millennium with the participation of internationally renowned scholars.

Closed the main event, Florence Biennale will go on the Basilica of Santa Croce: from December 14th to 21st in the crypt will be presented the artworks of Pasquale Celona, President of Florence Biennale and first of all an artist. In Santa Croce he will present the “Mantra” of 2013 Edition. From this year on, the Biennale chooses an artist able to interpret the message of the edition. This time the message is embodied by Paul Klee’s quote: “In my veins flows the blood of a better time”.

But the Florence Biennale does not end here, because some events are already scheduled for 2014: such as the collective exhibition Tre Voci Pittorici nel Mondo, organized in cooperation with Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, which will take place in February.

International Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico”

For Lifetime Achievement 2013