Florence Biennale 2009

December 5th – 13th

The participation of Marina Abramović, one of the world’s most important performers, generated great attention for the 2009 Biennale. During this edition of the show the artist was presented with the Award “Lorenzo il Mangifico” for Lifetime Achievement and she organized an exhibit of her videos and performances. She also presented, for the first time, her Artist’s Manifesto, which was greeted enthusiastically by the audience and received widespread coverage

by national and international news agencies, including CNN, which ran a piece on the Biennale.

The Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico” for Lifetime Achievement was also given to the internationally renowned Chinese artist Shu Yong, who exhibited paintings from the series Chinese Myths and screened a warmly received video featuring thrilling images and marked by a provocative charge.

The edition’s schedule was full of events such as conferences, discussions with guests of honour, and a festival of Japanese Cinema. Among the events there was also an exhibition at Florence’s St. James Church, featuring the works of Paul Lorenz, Barbro Eriksson, and Danielle Lindsay, and an award ceremony for Leo Rango, one of 12 young artists selected by the Italian Accademie di Belle Arti, through a competition, to participate in the Biennale.

Artistic Director: Stefano Francolini

International Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico”

For Lifetime Achievement 2009