Florence Biennale 1999

II Edition

The second edition of the Florence Biennale witnessed the participation of artists from 33 countries.

The event was once again committed to being a meeting point for professional artists from all over the world, and participants came together to share a moment of mutual exchange and understanding.

In the period before the spread of the Internet, nobody would have thought it possible to bring together so many contemporary artists from countries so distant and different from each other.

During this event the Poet and Art Critic Mario Luzi was honoured with the Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico” for contributions to Culture.

For the occasion, the expert maestro presented his most recent book Luzi the Art Critic.

It was during this edition of the exhibit that terms like dialogue, encounter, tolerance, and brotherhood became part of the Biennale’s DNA, in the hope that these elements would be adopted universally.

Artistic Director: John T. Spike